Kid’s Music Rocks!


OF COURSE WE WOULDN’T DO THIS…but his big sister did!

But…one of the many reasons we all love music is because it speaks to us. Maybe we are going through a Joni Mitchell period …or feel like rocking’ out with Bruce Springsteen.

That’s true for kids too! Here’s some fantastic music for kids - truly some of the the best we’ve heard! Great tunes with lyrics perfect for kids, and good listening for adults as well. In fact for years, some of us have tried to get them to do music for adults…but with no luck!

Enjoy it together with your children and let us know what you think!

The Swinging Pendulum….


We just love it when it seems like popular culture thinks one way, and then there’s research and an article offering another point of view.

Once again, reminds us that the best answer to our parenting questions is “educate your gut”, or inotherwords, read and learn and then do what feels best to you!

Problem: How do I eat 2 ice cream cones at once???


To be honest about it, I first must disclose I have only skimmed this article and not read it carefully. What I love most is that the author is presenting another point of view to what has been coined - “helicopter parenting”.

In our playgroups, we often talk about the importance of allowing children to develop “problem solving skills” and providing them with opportunities to learn them. This means sometimes they need to work through a problem on their own, so that they can build their own skills for success. We know that these opportunities can start with babies…for example, allowing your baby to crawl after and get her ball that has rolled away, instead of getting it for her. This teaches her persistence, gives her confidence, and helps her on the road to independence. All skills she will need for school!

Can you think of one opportunity for working on these skills that you can provide your child each day?

The Ups and Downs of Parenting


Just when you think you MIGHT have figured it out for the moment…your baby tells you “no way”. I still remember the movie "Parenthood" and love the line that grandma says to her daughter-in-law, something about how parenting is like a roller coaster…with it’s ups and downs. And we have to figure out how to enjoy the ride! So true.

This adorable happy baby can also be miserable. And the hardest part for us is we probably don’t really know why. What is he telling us when he’s smiling…and what is he telling us when he’s crying???

It’s All About Balance!


It’s such a balance with parenting: we keep hearing how important it is to “stay in the moment” and yet at the same time we need to remember our longterm goal is to prepare our kids for the future when we’re not around them…at least not all the time.

So how do we do it? After many years in this business, I think it’s one of those things that self awareness and intention is a big part of what we can do. Helping our kids become problem solvers so they develop their own skills for life’s challenges is so important.

This article is a nice place to start - kind of a jolt to some of us…good food for thought!

Parenting Paradoxes


If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably a parent or you work with families. You’re also probably old enough by now to know that life is a mixed bag: full of joy and full of challenges. This article - which is really a review of a book - talks about the complexities of feelings. Even if you are not a parent, it’s a lovely insight into the world of parents.

Why Preschool is Important!

Words of Wisdom:

Preschool matters far beyond the A B C’s. No matter who the child is or where he or she attends school, there are five core experiences that all children learn by going to preschool.

They learn to separate from their parents, and the self-reliance they get from this experience leads to a greater awareness of themselves as individuals, empowering them to feel independent and confident in their ability to manage the world outside home.

They learn to be part of a group, that the world is bigger than “just me” or “me and my family.”

They learn to socialize — with other children and adults — and to express their needs and feelings in a socially appropriate way, while developing the self-control and self-regulation needed for learning.

They learn to become more independent, and the process of mastering various self-help skills such as managing clothing, eating independently and taking care of belongings.

They learn to follow routines; school days are specifically organized to allow for a balance of active and quiet times. Children feel safe and secure when they can predict the sequence of the day and anticipate what comes next.

Such profoundly important skills are priceless.

New York, Jan. 31, 2014

Can Kids Actually Help????

Though I definitely don’t think this is the “gospel of chores for children”, I do think that it can create interesting thought, ideas and discussion.


What feels right for your family????


Katy Kangaroo (has) No Pocket


We all love that book…one of those "Read it again, Pops" books. And we all see many new moms and dads “wearing” their babies. It’s adorable, very convenient and sweet, and just makes sense to have the new baby so close to your body.

But it’s also an important thing to do. What we especially love about this article, is that once again, research backs up parent’s (and nature’s) instincts.

And if you haven’t read Katy No-Pocket  - get it and read it! it’s a real page-turner!


Listening to a Toddler


What does it mean to “listen” to a child who has no words? We know that well before a child has words that mean something to us, he wants to tell us what is important to him. Listening with patience and respect communicates to even the youngest of children that they are an important part of our community. Just like us, young children want to be heard and understood.

We love the way Lisa is listening….she is giving Jonah her full attention and listening and observing his body language with the respect he deserves.

Jonah is explaining with gestures that he would like a turn with the yellow dump truck. With Lisa’s support he waits until Liam’s turn is over, and then gleefully takes his turn.

"Read it Again, Pops"


Why do kids want the same book over and over again? In addition to wanting to spend time with that special someone - they are “practicing” literacy skills - they are learning that letters mean something, about sequencing, what comes next, repetition and predicability. These are all skills they will need for academic success later on!

And, by now, you’ve probably noticed we NEVER get bored of promoting reading to young children! 

See You Next Year!


Have a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends! 

Playgroups are full for January. Click on this link for info on how to sign up for Spring 2014.

See you in January or February or both!

Are They Kidding????


We usually do not get so hot and bothered by the HORRIBLE baby products on the market. But this one is beyond…just when babies need to be looking around and learning about their environment and establishing eye contact with people, this terrible product appears.

I could go on and on…so much so that I signed this petition at the bottom of the page. Please do so!

Reading or Story Telling???



Books are terrific - there’s nothing like having your child climb into your lap and be absorbed by a wonderful book. And you don’t even have to think…you just read and turn pages. Great end-of-the-day activity!

But sometimes a story is even more fun…and we all have family stories…which may or may not be true! Or just a story that includes your child and a recap of their day, or a silly story about your family pet.

Remember that what your child loves most is the closeness with you. And, yes, at the same time you are building their pre-reading skills. A double win!